Major Projects

LTC has always had the desire to expand, improve and work on the most prestigious projects in our area. By working with our clients at the tender and pre contract stages giving ideas, solutions and cost advice we become an integrated part of the development team. During the construction phase we can offer the most experienced and qualified operatives and staff to complete the project ensuring our clients have the assurance we have sufficient resources to complete the most challenging of projects

Recent Contracts

Apr 16, 2019
St Marys Church Par - Rothwell Historic Restoration

We have provided designed scaffolding to enable repairs to the pointing and stone work on the church tower

Mar 15, 2019

A Designed freestanding scaffold for cladding of 2 new buildings on curved elevations

Oct 25, 2018
HTC Paignton - Midas Construction

Birdcage scaffolding erected at Midas Construction Site HTC in Paignton

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