Our Mission Statement


We can achieve this by providing an environment where our employees feel safe to talk with their work colleagues and line managers about their Mental Health and share any problems they are experiencing both within their working environment and in their personal life. Mental Health Awareness Training will be offered to employees with an opportunity to continue on to become Mental Health First Aider. Creating an “open door” policy is important and will allow us to support them and signpost them to the appropriate services.

Mike Burr
Group Managing Director



"I’ve suffered with anxiety and depression most of my adult life. When I started work for LTC, I was asked if I was on any medication. I told them I was, what the medication was, and what it was for. At first, I didn’t want to tell them as I felt embarrassed about it.

Over time, when I’ve been struggling and needed time off or just to talk, I’ve been able to speak to Paul, Adam, and Mike, and some of the other people I work with. None of them have ever made me feel like I have anything to be embarrassed about. They’ve come and spoken to me, listened to what I have to say about how I’m feeling and how it’s affecting me.

I’ve never worried about losing my job as they have always reassured me that won’t happen and that they understand people struggle. They are there to help as best they can. They have done mental health awareness training, and I feel comfortable enough that when I am struggling, I can talk to them and take the time I need to get back to being me.

It’s not easy dealing with or talking about mental health, especially in the construction industry. But I feel that LTC is making an effort to stop the stigma that is attached to it."


The following list of employees have agreed to become Mental Health First Aiders and have attended the 2 day course/Refresher. They are available should you wish to approach them.

Gail Smith Carole Holmes
Ryan Jago Rob Martin
Tracey Rousell Carl Smith
Chris Hawkins Rob Wills
Mike Bailey Malachi Beasley
Paul Bench Rob Glasson
Nick Lasseter James MacKay
Kiaya Paul Steve Pidwell
Leah Russell Steve Willis
Todd Slaughter