Optional Extras

On-board Generators

Our on-board generator system delivers the power you need to conveniently work at height. With the on-board generator system on your machine


- Self-contained AC power to run hand tools
- Integrated power cable allows you to quickly attach or detach your tools

Save Time and Money

- Eliminate the need to move and reposition the generator
- Save fuel instead of a separate ground-based generator
- Eliminate costs associated with a separate generator
- Reduce costs associated with power cable damage

Secondary Guarding (Skygaurd)

Operators can experience enhanced control panel protection with Skyguard, now available on all our boom lifts. The SkyGuard sensor, when activated by approximately 23 kg (50 lb) of force, stops all functions in use at the time.

The reverse functionality is the only feature of its kind in the market. After stopping the machine, it temporarily reverses, or “undoes,” most functions that were in use at the time of activation for less than a second’s worth of time. The control system automatically accesses the functions in use by the operator at the time of SkyGuard activation and – for a small period of time – is able to reverse that sequence, with the exception of certain functions.

SkyGuard can be activated from a variety of angles and provides additional protection without impeding or reducing the work envelope of the boom lift


- Break away feature for extreme conditions
- Resets by cycling foot switch or e-stop
- Does not increase the platform profile or limit the use of the platform

Sanctuary Zone

SanctuaryZone is a ‘Tier 1 hierarchy of safety’ steel structure that prevents the machine operator from being crushed. Simple, strong and extremely reliable, SanctuaryZone projects above the machine platform to protect the operator from crushing which can lead to serious or worse still fatal injuries


Prevents crushing when working at height Doesn’t impede work activities Works on all major manufacturers’ machines Fully adjustable CE approved

Safety Harness

This safety harness and lanyard kit has been designed and tested as a Work Restraint System; this means that it can be used to limit your freedom of movement to prevent you falling from height. For hire and sale.

Spreader pads

LTC Powered Access Ltd can supply spreader pads for the use with MEWP’s that have outriggers. The area of the foot attached to an outrigger of a MEWP is often relatively small and consequently generates high pressures directly on the ground. Most soils, unmade ground and some paved and tarmac covered areas are not capable of supporting these pressures and some form of foundation or suitable spreader pad is often necessary to reduce these pressures to an acceptable safe level