Headland Apartments - Gloweth

LTC Specialist Scaffolding have carried out works to the Headland apartments in Coverack. The building is the former headland hotel which dates back to the Edwardian era. It is situated on the headland known as Chynhalls point and is high above the fishing village of Covearck.

It was used in world war 2 to house children evacuated from the major cities, and at one point was considered at risk from German bombers following similar raids on Dieppe in France.

The building is currently being refurbished which involves the original balconies being restored, and the walls being re-rendered along with roofing works. Part of the challenge was to build a structure which will be netted, but cannot be tied to the building, due to the age of the building and make- up of the walls. This resulted in a design challenge to produce a compliant structure in one of the most exposed areas of the country. A finalised drawing was issued which resulted in the buttresses containing one, two and three tonnes of kentledge per bay depending on the elevation.
Work is scheduled to be completed in July 2018.